Lookup field on a Dynamics 365 form – lookup view

Looking up a record

Figure 1

The lookup view is set as the lookup field’s default view (Note: a non-lookup view can also be assigned.)

Figure 2

The values displayed in Figure 2 e.g. 17/12/2021 are displayed because they are defined in the lookup view (Figure 4).

If another column in the lookup view also contained the value ‘rfa’ e.g. rfa@email.com, that value would be displayed on the second line (…rather than Test1, Test2…)

Figure 3

If RFA00001191 is selected, the record’s name is displayed (Figure 3). In this case, the name has been assigned the value RFA00001191. Note that if this was a lookup to Case, the ‘Case Reference’ column would be displayed.

The lookup view

Figure 4