Keyboard Shortcuts & Commands

Here’s a list of keyboard shortcuts & commands that I use in my day to day activities. I find it makes life a bit easier

File System Search

For a grep like search using the window command line:

findstr /s /i “crmserviceclient” *.cs > results.txt

File Compare

To compare files using the windows command line:

fc file1.txt file2.txt

Google Chrome

Ctrl + F5 to clear the cache and refresh

Split screen

Select the relevant window. Press the ‘windows’ button and then an arrow button. For example, to place the windows on the left, press the left button….

Keyboard Shortcuts – Visual Studio

Ctrl + X – Delete (cut) a line

Ctrl + Delete – Delete the end of the word

Ctrl + Backspace – Delete the beginning of the word

Ctrl + Shift + U – Make uppercase

Ctrl + U – Make lowercase

Alt + Up Arrow – Move up one line

Alt + Down Arrow – Move down one line

Ctrl + Alt + Click – Multi-caret multiple insertion points

Ctrl + M – Toggle section

Ctrl + M +A – Collapse all lines

Ctrl + K + \ – Delete Horizontal White Space

Ctrl + K + C – Comment selected section

Ctrl + K + U – Uncomment selected section

Ctrl + K + D – Format Document

Ctrl + R + R – Rename

Ctrl + E + W – Word Wrap

Ctrl + Shift + F – Find in files

Tab – Move selection to the right

Shift + Tab – Move selection to left

Ctrl + G – Go to line

Keyboard Shortcuts – Visual Studio Code

Ctrl + Shift + P – Display the command palette search window