Display associated records on the ‘Related’ tab


The post illustrates how to display related records in a form’s ‘Related’ tab. This is explained by using the example of associating multiple receipts to an invoice. The solution for this is shown in Figure 1 & 2

Figure 1
Figure 2

Technical Implementation

A relationship needs to be defined between the Receipt and Invoice entities.

1.) In the Receipt entity, a lookup field is created

Figure 3

2.) A custom name ‘Associated Receipts’ is defined.

Figure 4

An N:1 relationship is created. That means multiple receipts can be attached to the one invoice

Figure 5

3.) The relationship is specified on the Invoice form

4.) The ‘Show navigation items’ is selected on the Invoice form

Figure 7

5.) The newly defined lookup field is placed on the Receipt form

Figure 8

After the changes are published, a receipt can be associated to a particular invoice

Figure 9

…the solution is illustrated in Figures 1 & 2