Form Component Control


As an alternative to a Quick View form, there is a control called ‘Form Component Control’. This allows a main form (only) to be displayed (and editable) within another form. In the example below, a contact form will be displayed within the Case Transfer form.


1.) Referring to Figure 1, Contact is a lookup to the Contact entity

Figure 1

2.) A second lookup control is added to the form. Then the ‘Form’ component is added to the control

Figure 2

3.) In the ‘Related form’ selection, the main form to be displayed is selected. In the ‘Static value’, anything can be placed there as that gets overwritten once the ‘Done’ button is pressed

Figure 3

4.) The ‘Static value’ field is automatically updated

Figure 4

5.) The updated form is published

Figure 5

6.) The Contact form is displayed and editable within the Case Transfer form

Figure 6

Note: Referring to Figure 6, I found that if I updated the contact form, such as removing the timeline control, the update wouldn’t be displayed. In order for the update to be displayed, I needed to empty the browser’s cache.